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Digabit, Lakewood, CO

Technical documentation is not effectively dealt with by traditional document management systems or standard web technologies. Historically, critical information contained in CAD, PDM, PLM, ERP, parts catalogs, service manuals, training manuals, engineering drawings, change notices and safety bulletins has been provided in the form of books, binders, and/or easily-lost CDs.  Manufacturers and asset-intensive companies face a continuous challenge in keeping their technical information current (as built), organized, and available to their customers, dealers, distributors, and/or staff. Additionally, new technology in the engineering field supports new formats (e.g., 3D drawings and animation) that can only be presented electronically.

Documoto™ by Digabit™ is a modern aftermarket web solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers, asset intensive users, or any organization that wants to deliver thousands of aftermarket technical documents on the web.  Documoto allows users to find technical information visually with our icon driven platform, or search by keywords, descriptions, part numbers or other identifying information. Within a few clicks of the mouse, Documoto helps users quickly and easily access the exact document or part they want.

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Flywheel Ventures is aggressively building overseas markets for its portfolio companies
September 10, 2010 - Flywheel Ventures is encouraging its businesses to look beyond the U.S. market and is spearheading an energetic thrust into the Asia-Pacific region, and into other emerging markets, to help companies take advantage of global opportunities.

Flywheel Participates in Invest in America Alliance to Fund American Technology Companies
Washington, D.C., Feb. 23, 2010 – The Invest in America Alliance, led by Intel and supported by many leading venture capital firms, including Flywheel Ventures, announced today a $3.5 billion Invest in America Alliance to support investment in U.S.-based growth-oriented industries and detailed a commitment to significantly increase jobs available this year for recent college graduates. It serves as the private sector’s complement to existing state and federal job creation programs through long-term investment in industries and talent poised to produce the next breakthroughs in technology innovation. 

Back on track? Cleantech VC deals continue global growth
September 30, 2009 - Emma Ritch, Cleantech Group - Cleantech sees second straight period of recovery in third quarter, as it takes biotech’s crown as the dominant category for venture capital investment.

NVCA Board Member Trevor Loy testified before House Small Business Committee (Video)

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Website aids with funeral planning
2013- (

Morbid investment of the day: eFuneral nabs $250K to be a Yelp for funeral homes
May 8, 2013- (Venture Beat)

Digabit, Inc. Raises $3M Series A Financing; Welcomes New Board Member and Chairman
July 30, 2013- (Market Wired)

Algorithms Play Matchmaker to Fight 7.7% U.S. Joblessness
Apr 2, 2013- (Bloomberg)

The top 10 companies college students want to work for
October 30, 2012- (Venturebeat)

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